About Bajkazyl

Where / When / How & Why

(C) Marcel Skýba

<b>Bajkazyl Olomouc</b> is a branch of Bajkazyl Prague base, which in 2012 inspired two guys to build a proper bicycle hub in <b>Olomouc</b>. They came across a few bikes, repaired them, and sent them to the streets. They have also organized a few events and connected the <b>local bike community</b>.

Over time the community grew and creative people gathered around <b>Bajkazyl</b>. Recycling and <servis>servicing all types of bikes</servis> currently keeps us busy the most. Sometimes we take a break from renovations and <stavby>build something new from scratch</stavby>. If your heart beats for bicycles, the same as ours, come and visit us at <kontakt>Vídeňská 5, Olomouc</kontakt>.